It’s been an eventful few months!

The latest CUTTERS record is almost a year old and we just finished a new 7″ that will be out in the Fall. We’re playing Punk Island in a couple weeks with RVIVR and a bunch of other bands so that’s pretty cool.

I’e been doing a bit more writing for Newsarama, including covering Special Edition NYC for them. Click the “Writing” link up top to find that.

SECRET BRICKS, the comics I’m working on with my roommates is crawling toward fruition.

I’ve been running pretty consistently for a week now. My best mile time is 6:33, which is alright but I really want to get down under 5. I’ve never run that fast in my life so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll leave you with this video from a recent CUTTERS show. Colectivo Piloto is doing a documentary about us.


Excitable Liefeld by Cutters from Colectivo Piloto on Vimeo.</p


Here’s what’s going on!

I’m still writing for Newsarama. You can get a pretty solid rundown of my work over on ComicBookRoundUp, which is a pretty solid review aggregator for comics. I’m pretty certain that I’ve reviewed more than the 329 books they have listed there but hey, you can’t expect them to track them all.

CUTTERS just played on The Chris Gethard Show. Chris is, without a doubt, one of my favorite comedians so that was definitely a highlight. A quick video of our performance is embedded below. We also have a new 7″ coming out in Spring 2015!

I’m writing a comic with my roommates called SECRET BRICKS. We’ll have the first issue out in time for MoCCA. It’s a supernatural crime comic set in the 60s. Think Constantine meets Mad Men. We’ll have a process Tumblr up for that soon.

My last comic project COSMO MEMORY is sadly dead. I learned a ton from working on it but ultimately, it wasn’t really good enough to get to the pencilling stage. We have an editor working with us this time around so I suspect that will likely not be the case again.

Internet Girlfriend Records has unfortunately not really been a thing. I’m hoping to get back to it one day but for now it’s not really a fiscally viable. Sad but true.

Listen to the new Cayetana record.



Hey there.

It’s been a while so let’s catch you up.

Since my last post in September of 2012, I quit a job at the Museum of Natural History, started a new job at the BDO USA Foundation and then found myself right back at AMNH.

CUTTERS went on tour. It was mostly fun but also, slightly disastrous.

Internet Girlfriend Records is a thing now. Here’s a list of our releases:

IGR001 – CUTTERS, “Trying Not To Die” CS
IGR002 – PLEASE, “Please” CS
IGR003 – Scout, “What A Time To Be Alive” CS (Coming in November 2013!)
IGR004 – Kelly Montoya, “Don’t Be Sad” CS (Coming in December 2013!)

Going to make effort to use this blog more and keep my clips updated. See ya’ll later.




So I went to Ireland last week. I wasn’t aware that I had as many relatives as I do now. The best thing about the trip was that it was a total recharge for me creatively. I made a break through in my comic. I’ve started writing a ton of lyrics. Been getting work done. It feels good.

Lots of stuf coming up with the band. We are playing on September 22 in New Paltz and on October 7 in Brooklyn. And we recorded this cover yesterday:




Huge update for my first comic book project, tentatively titled “COSMO MEMORY.”

Mr. Ian Miller has finished the first two pages of pencils (below) and hopefully we’ll be actually finishing the entire pitch very soon!