Hey there.

It’s been a while so let’s catch you up.

Since my last post in September of 2012, I quit a job at the Museum of Natural History, started a new job at the BDO USA Foundation and then found myself right back at AMNH.

CUTTERS went on tour. It was mostly fun but also, slightly disastrous.

Internet Girlfriend Records is a thing now. Here’s a list of our releases:

IGR001 – CUTTERS, “Trying Not To Die” CS
IGR002 – PLEASE, “Please” CS
IGR003 – Scout, “What A Time To Be Alive” CS (Coming in November 2013!)
IGR004 – Kelly Montoya, “Don’t Be Sad” CS (Coming in December 2013!)

Going to make effort to use this blog more and keep my clips updated. See ya’ll later.




So I went to Ireland last week. I wasn’t aware that I had as many relatives as I do now. The best thing about the trip was that it was a total recharge for me creatively. I made a break through in my comic. I’ve started writing a ton of lyrics. Been getting work done. It feels good.

Lots of stuf coming up with the band. We are playing on September 22 in New Paltz and on October 7 in Brooklyn. And we recorded this cover yesterday:




Lots of good updates.

-I wrote a piece for Andrew Wyrich’s relatively new literary non-fiction blog, TOASTED, COFFEE REGULAR. It’s called “Clarity.” It was true for about 6 hours.

-Hopefully working on a webcomic with the wonderful Hannah Letourneau soon.

-Received some pages from Chris Pirate. My mind gears are creaking to life as far as a project to do with him.

So stuff is happening. Slowly but surely stuff is happening.


Huge update for my first comic book project, tentatively titled “COSMO MEMORY.”

Mr. Ian Miller has finished the first two pages of pencils (below) and hopefully we’ll be actually finishing the entire pitch very soon!




I was on a podcast the other day! Korey Epps, founder of the Evil Teddy Bear Podcast asked me to be on the show. We talked about Kabooooom and writing and movies and comics. Totally cool stuff. Hopefully, I can be on the show again. It was a lot of fun. You can listen to it here. I don’t sound that weird on it!


-I am an assistant at David Gallaher and Steve Ellis’ comic book studio, Bottled Lightning. Check out their first official release, The Only Living Boy, on Comixology for only a dollar!
-The WRITING and MUSIC sections of this site have been updated.
-I wrote a big ol’ post on Kabooooom about why we are changing our review methods.
-We also recently launched the Kabooooom Reviews Twitter.
-I will be appearing on the Korey Epps’ Evil Teddy Bear Podcast this weekend.

That’s all folks.




Imagine all the excesses of 90s comics. Now imagine them on a dog. This is probably the closest we’ll ever get to seeing an X-TREME KRYPTO comic book.


This is WULF BLADE. Coming soon from me and Ian Miller.

I felt this needed to be shared.